In Dan Mumm’s 2010 Metal Method instructional program “Sweep Pick Mechanics,” Dan teaches a wide variety of Sweep Picking patterns. These patterns start from some of the most basic and work there way up to some very advanced and interesting techniques. In this free lesson clip from “Sweep Pick Mechanics,” Dan teaches two separate Sweep patterns that use all 6 strings and move their way through hand positions using sliding techniques. These particular exercises are made up of smaller patterns that are taught earlier in the program. To learn more about sweep arpeggios as well as 4-string, 5-string, 6-string, hybrids, and many more, check out “Sweep Pick Mechanics” available only through Metal Method. The program can be found here –

Sweep Pick Mechanics

Get the tabs here in PDF format (the full version of the program includes TABs in both PDF and Guitar Pro formats)

Ex 49 6-String Em Sliding Pattern 1

Ex 51 6-String Am Sliding Pattern 2