The latest free lesson posted to Dan Mumm’s YouTube page is a clip from Dan’s 2010 Metal Method instructional program “Sweep Pick Mechanics.” These exercises introduce one more string, turning 3-string sweep arpeggios into 4-string sweep arpeggios. This opens up a lot of possibilities, by changing the inversion (which note of the chord is played as the root) of the chord and subsequently changing the feel of it. It also allows for the arpeggios to be used in more complex ways. To learn more about 4-string sweep arpeggios as well as 5-string, 6-string, hybrids, and many more, check out “Sweep Pick Mechanics” available only through Metal Method. The program can be found here –

Sweep Pick Mechanics

Get the tabs here in PDF format (the full version of the program includes TABs in both PDF and Guitar Pro formats)

Ex 13 4-String Em Pattern 1

Ex 14 4-String A Major Pattern 1