8-23-11 Weekly Guitar Challenge Podcast: E-Harmonic Minor Sequence and Fusion Sweep:

Ok I finally figured out a way to continue the Weekly Guitar Challenge and still be able to get all of my practicing, composing,
video making, etc. done! I will be posting a Weekly Guitar Challenge Podcast to this page each week.

This week we will focus on a pattern in E-Harmonic Minor. It begins with a somewhat simple sequence using triads and passing
tones. The first triad is a F# Dim, then a Em, then finally a D# Dim. Each one of these triads is played in reverse, starting
with the 5th, then going to the 3rd, and then to the root, back to the 3rd, and then ends with two passing tones. The 2nd passing tone is actually just the root again. Finally the pattern ends with a Fusion style sweep pattern that is a little bit more
difficult than the sequence. The most difficult part you will find is on the 4th string, when the pattern goes from the 12th fret,
down the 11th, and then up to the 14th. It’s somewhat unusual for a sweep guitar pattern, but sounds pretty awesome when it’s
executed correctly. You can download all of the files by clicking the link below. You will receive the audio file
from the podcast, a Guitar Pro 5 file (.gp5) of the tab, and an identical PDF file of the same tab. To view the TABS now,
click the picture of the TAB below. To view while listening to the podcast, be sure to right click and open in a new tab or

Download 8-23-11 Weekly Guitar Challenge – Podcast MP3 and Tabs

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