Dan Mumm’s Weekly Guitar Challenge Podcast

8-30-11 Weekly Guitar Challenge Podcast: Multi-Position Single String Ascending Tapping Lick:

So we are getting off to a great start for the new Weekly Guitar Challenge Podcast! Today’s Podcast is on a finger tapping
lick that’s reminiscent of classic tapping styles of players like Eddie Van Halen. However, this pattern adds a twist with
a hand position changing technique that can be a little bit of a mind-boggler at first. Essentially, with each segment of
the pattern, your fretting hand will be playing in two different hand positions. The trick is making this sound fluid.
After tapping the first note with your first finger of your picking hand, then pulling off to the open first string, your
fretting hand’s first finger will hammer-on to the 5th fret of the first string, immediately followed by your 4th finger
hammering-on to the 8th fret. This is the classic pattern that most guitarists are very familiar with. However, after
this, and without skipping a beat, you must move your first finger to the 7th fret while keeping your 4th finger down on
the 8th fret. Then pull off your 4th finger from the 8th, so that the 7th fret will ring out and immediately tap your 4th
finger down on to the 10th fret. This type of technique happens 3 different times over all in the pattern. Practice it
slowly at first. I think this is a pretty cool sounding pattern, and I hope you will enjoy it!

You can download all of the files by clicking the link below. You will receive the audio file
from the podcast, a Guitar Pro 5 file (.gp5) of the tab, and an identical PDF file of the same tab. To view the TABS now,
click the picture of the TAB below. To view while listening to the podcast, be sure to right click and open in a new tab or

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