Here is the latest free lesson published on DanMummSolo.  This video is a clip from Dan’s 2010 Metal Method instructional program “Fret Touch Mechanics.”  The first exercise (Ex 22 in FTM) is simply meant to build finger strength and dexterity in the tapping hand as preparation for techniques such as the one found in Dan’s original song The Point of No Return.  The second exercise (Ex 23 in FTM) is a segment of the 8 finger tapping parts of The Point of No Return.  The full 8 finger tapping section is taught in the complete Fret Touch Mechanics which can be found here –

Fret Touch Mechanics


The TABs for Ex 22 and Ex 23 are available for free in PDF format and can be found at the links below (to save the files to your computer, right click the link and select “save as”) –

Ex 22

Ex 23