Dan Mumm proudly uses Parker guitars, DV Mark amps, GoGo tuners, OGRE Pedals, Dean Markley strings, Arobas Music’s Guitar Pro 6, and the You Rock Guitar

Dan Mumm is excited to begin working with Nico’s Custom USA Pickups to further enhance his guitar sound.  Get more information on Nico’s Pickups at


Parker Guitars:

Dan got his first Parker in 2002 and has played them almost exclusively ever since.  Dan uses a Parker Fly Classic and recently received a new ParkerMaxxFly PDF100FRQBB.

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GoGo Tuners:

“Most of my career, I’ve avoided using guitar tuners whenever possible. I’ve always found them to be unreliable and irritating to use. Not so with my GoGo Tuner! It’s ease of use and incredible accuracy have converted me to a life time user. I’ve always prided myself by being quick at tuning a guitar by ear, but the GoGo has me beat by a long shot. I would highly recommend them to any stringed instrument player” – Dan Mumm

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 DV Mark:


Dan Mumm proudly endorses DV Mark and uses the Multiamp which is featured throughout the entirety of his second full length studio album “Peering Through the Lens of Time” (Nov 2015).

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Dean Markley Strings:

Dan is excited to now be a part of the Dean Markley team.   Dan has been a big fan of Dean Markley’s NickelSteel Electric™ strings for years.  “Dean Markley’s nickel plated strings are just the best.  They sound amazing and simply feel right to me.” – Dan Mumm

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OGRE Pedals:


“I absolutely love these pedals.  They look and sound amazing!  Ever since I got my Kronomaster Delay, Tubeholic Overdrive, and Thunderclap Distortion, I can’t stop playing around with them.  They have added new dimensions to my tone.” – Dan Mumm


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Arobas Music’s GUITAR PRO 6:

“As far as I’m concerned, Guitar Pro is a standard companion of the modern guitarist. It’s seemingly universal
application and amazingly thorough functionality makes it simply indispensable. Any guitarist who hasn’t tried
Guitar Pro is just not using the tools available to tap into their full potential.” – Dan Mumm

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You Rock Guitar:

Dan has traveled the world demonstrating the You Rock Guitar to guitarists of all kinds.  Highly versatile as both a recording tool and a performance instrument of infinite possibilities, the You Rock Guitar is used by Dan on a daily basis.    “Now that I’ve used it, I couldn’t live without it” – Dan Mumm

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