Dan Mumm and the You Rock Guitar

Inspired Instruments, the makers of the amazing You Rock Guitar (or YRG) midi guitar, asked me to put together a video for
them demonstrating the YRG’s ability to interface with Apple’s iPad. The below video is the video I made for them. It goes
through step by step of how to connect the You Rock Guitar to the iPad, and even goes through the process of composing an
original song using Apples Garageband music creation app. Also featured in the video is the iKlip from IK Multimedia, makers
of the popular amp modeling software Amplitube. The iKlip is an awesome device that allows you to clip your iPad directly to
your mic stand so that you can use the You Rock Guitar and iPad during a live performance. It also works great in the studio or
at home.

Recently, I received a You Rock Guitar from Inspired Instruments to demo. The You Rock Guitar is a highly versatile and affordable midi or synth guitar. I made an in depth review of the You Rock Guitar which can be viewed below. The features of this instrument are many, and I wasn’t able to get into everything in this one video. However, I think my review covers a lot of ground and will answer a lot of questions that interested guitarists may have. If you’d like more information or are interested in making a purchase -click here-.

My first video using the You Rock Guitar is a version of my original composition “A Glimpse Beyond”. This video can be viewed below

It’s also been featured on YouRockGuitar.com